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Game Info

Game: Tasty Fish

Platform: Android Phones and Android Tablets

Developer: Dime Studios [Independent]

Genre: Arcade / Survival

Release Date: Available now


Being at the bottom of the food chain sucks… especially for Tasty Fish.

Defy nature through addictive Tap-n-Play arcade-survival gameplay, and keep your school of adorable Tasty Fish alive for as long as possible. Turn the tides by unlocking upgradeable and customisable Exotic Fish to add to your school, and with them increase your survivability to compete in global leaderboards… or just prove how much better than your friends you are.

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  • Tasty Fish is Free to Play on Windows Phone and Android
  • That gets you access to the full game, and all included content is available to work towards and unlock.
  • You won’t pay for updates. You won’t pay for DLC. In App Purchases are COMPLETELY optional, and that’s something we’re proud of.
  • Worried there might be an unfair advantage? Relax! There’s nothing you can’t get by just playing!! Everything is regulated by coins you can collect. If you have the time, you’ll have the dime!
  • Cut out the hard work, and get instant access to every Exotic Fish with the Exotic Fish Tank, or grab a Magic Clam to earn coins faster. Great for long term value, you’ll be leagues ahead of the competition whenever new content is released.
  • Short on coins? That’s okay, just grab a booster – Check out the coin packs if you ever need fast money. Buying larger packs gets you the best value.
  • Let your pocket match your playstyle. There’s a range of options that wont burn a hole through your wallet, but never forget; you don’t HAVE to buy anything!

Key Features:

  • Stay Alive! – Test your reflexes and wits while keeping your Tasty Fish safe from nature’s cruelest predators.
  • Tap-n-Play – Intuitive touch controls and accessible design makes Tasty Fish a welcoming game to players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Back to School – Master how you control your natural feeling school of fish, and customize your school with upgradeable Special Fish to suit your playstyle.
  • Money for Nothing – Earn in game currency for just playing the game, or go achievement hunting to quickly get vast amounts of booty.
  • Kicks for Free – Game Center and Google Play, Social integration, leaderboards, achievements, challenges, items, upgrades and unlocks. Tasty Fish comes with everything you’d expect in a quality mobile game, plus content updates and support, and it’s included FREE!!!


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