Super Muzzle Flash

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Game: Super Muzzle Flash

Platform: Android

Developer: Dime Studios [Independent]

Genre: Shooting Gallery

Release Date: April 22nd, 2015


Put your lightning-speed reaction skills to the ultimate test!
Super Muzzle Flash is a new spin on the old shooting gallery, only… you can’t see until you shoot!

Featuring gorgeous visuals with a unique pixel art style, developers Dime Studios have managed to deliver gripping gameplay that is intense, instantly accessible, and satisfying to master!

Ready, Set, FIRE!


Super Muzzle Flash was born in the month of December 2014. Originally titled “Murder in the Dark”, the prototype was produced in just 2 days.

After testing the game at local IGDA meetups, Super Muzzle Flash received an overwhelming positive feedback. Players would continue to retry the game, making for a comically awkward conversation to try and get the devices back!

Afterwards, it was agreed that Super Muzzle Flash was worth exploring further, and the focus shifted to making a simple, addictive mobile game.

Dime Studios have developed Super Muzzle Flash while working from The Arcade, a collaborative open office that’s home to many game studios in Melbourne.

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  • FREE! – Super Muzzle Flash will be FREE to PLAY, available on the App Store.
  • There is a single In App Purchase, to Instantly Unlock All Difficulties, and is completely optional. As believers in bang for buck, the In App Purchase will not only give you instant access to every difficulty, but will also Remove All Ads!!!

Key Features:

  • New Spin on an Old Classic – Super Muzzle Flash was inspired by the Carnival Shooting Gallery games, like Ducks in a Row, but with the added question of “what if you could only see when you fired?”. Super Muzzle Flash answers that question, with a challenging core loop that is easy to learn but difficult to master.
  • Stunning Retro – Featuring a unique take on the classic pixel art style.
  • Rank up – Demonstrate your prestige by unlocking all 36 shiny badges!
  • Keep the Rhythm – Keep a consistent pace, or take a risk firing in the dark? Just remember that where you saw the Ghosts last might not be where they are.
  • Super Ghosts – Shoot the Bullet Time Ghost to slow the game for a few seconds, or hit the Bonus Ghost to get a helpful boost to your score!
  • Separate Leaderboards – To keep it fair, each Difficulty has its own Leaderboard. How do you compare with players in the same category?




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