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Game Info

Game: Breakout Blurg

Platform: Android Phones and Tablets

Developer: Dime Studios [Independent]

Genre: Arcade / Runner

Release Date: Available worldwide on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Marketplace


Breakout Blurg is simple fun. Help Blurg, the little lost alien, escape the clutches of the sinister government agency, Pennywatch. Breakout of the Lab, and bounce to freedom. Watch out for security agents and mutated hazmat scientists.

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  • FREE! – Breakout Blurg is available, FREE to PLAY, on mobile, tablets and web browsers
  • There are In App Purchases to buy extra Food currency, but they’re completely optional.
  • Purchase Food if you’re stuck on an upgrade, and help Blurg just that little bit further

Key Features:

  • Break Free – Break out of the Lab, and help Blurg escape.
  • Steal Food – Relieve Scientists of their lunch, and feed Blurg’s love of Earth food to upgrade into a powerful alien
  • Become the Ultimate Force – Upgrade Blurg into the most destructive green ball planet Earth has ever seen, and unlock abilities such as Fire, Meteor Smash and Iceblock!



Dan Clayton
Daniel Sun

Nial Bruce
Dan Clayton

AB Shinasi
Daniel Sun