Dime Studios (now Kaiju Stomp) are indie game devs, making games and being awesome.

We work out of The Arcade in Melbourne, Australia, doing contract work for hire and developing our own games, such as Blockpocalypse and Lethal Lawns.

Nial Bruce

Programming + Tech

Dan Clayton

Creative + Admin

Daniel Sun

Art + Animation

dime studios games

Lethal Lawns

Lethal Lawns is the world’s first Competitive Mowing BLOODSPORT.

In this localplayer gardening fight club, players push lawn mowers around the field, earning money and fame from mowing grass and mowing each other.


  • Bounce-n-Joust with your opponents to outmanoeuvre them and mow them down, or ram them into hazards to knock them out of the game.
  • 5 Unique Arenas that change up the layout of the lawns, and the ways to kill each other.
  • 4 Game Modes with different victory conditions to keep the party going and the gameplay fresh.
  • So Much Blood… you won’t be able to see by the end.
  • Customizable Gameplay Options to experiment with in different combinations, so you and your buddies can find the most fun way for you all to play.
  • Multiple Ways to Play the 2-8 local multiplayer with sharable gamepads, split keyboard and AI, for when you don’t have any friends around… or when you have too many


Blockpocalypse is a multiplayer party platformer about surviving with friends in the apocalypse…or at least outliving them.

Fighting their way across the apocalyptic 2D landscape, up to 4 players must use the debris to forge a path to escape.


  • Chaotic Gameplay – Can you escape, to stand victorious in the apocalypse, or will the ground burn up beneath your feet?
  • Multiplayer – Survive with your friends… or at least out live them.
  • Party Modes – Battle it out to claim the Cake of Chaos, or work together to defeat your opponents in Block Ball.
  • Characters – Ever wondered whether a witch, a bear and a Spartan can put aside their differences to form the ultimate team? Time to find out!
  • Retro-inspired – This pixel platformer has a true spirit to games gone-by, whilst bringing itself up to date with quirky gameplay.

work for hire

Paper Plane Melbourne – Melbourne eSports Open / Visit Victoria

We were commissioned by VisitVictoria to develop a promotional game for the 2019 Melbourne eSports Open (MEO).

The game had to showcase the city of Melbourne, be playable from a web browser, include a competitive mode, and offer an incentive to drive traffic to the MEO event.

We completely developed Paper Plane Melbourne in around 2 months, complete with collectables, AI opponents and online multiplayer races. The team at VisitVic were pleased by the end result. The game can still be played in web browsers at Paper Plane Melbourne

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