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Blockpocalypse is a multiplayer party platformer about surviving with friends in the apocalypse…or at least outliving them. Fighting their way across the apocalyptic 2D landscape, up to 4 players must forge a path in the debris, using whatever they have at hand, including blocks, clocks and even a unicorn or two!
Escape the relentless dangers by working together, or simply be the last one left standing in this pixelated madness, whilst playing as one of a huge cast of hilarious characters. With a range of fun, furious and fast-paced party modes, the opportunities for chaos are endless. Blockpocalypse is out now on Steam Early Access.


  • Chaotic Gameplay – Can you escape, to stand victorious in the apocalypse, or will the ground burn up beneath your feet?
  • Multiplayer – Survive with your friends… or at least out live them.
  • Party Modes – Battle it out to claim the Cake of Chaos, or work together to defeat your opponents in Block Ball.
  • Characters – Ever wondered whether a witch, a bear and a Spartan can put aside their differences to form the ultimate team? Time to find out!
  • Retro-inspired – This pixel platformer has a true spirit to games gone-by, whilst bringing itself up to date with quirky gameplay.