On October 6th 2016, Blockpocalypse, the ultimate 4 player party apocalypse, entered into Steam Early Access.

Blockpocalypse began as the Global Gam Jam 2015 project, Ablockalypse, by our 3 man team at Dime Studios. After the game jam, it was immediately clear that there was something special about how the game guided the players to kind of work together but not really… It instantly struck our heartstrings as a game we could spend the next few years working on, so that’s what we did.

It’s already been an amazing journey, and after nearly 2 years of development, we’ve refined Blockpocalypse to the point that it’s time to get the community involved. Which is why we’ve launched into Early Access.

We see Early Access as the best opportunity for developers and players to collaborate together, and make a game truely great. Players are the end point for every game, and their feedback is more raw and valuable than decades of experience or a huge QA team. Player feedback is EVERYTHING.

We’re hopeful for the future of Blockpocalypse, and we’re forever grateful to our supporters, players, fellow developers, and everyone else who has been a part of Blockpocalypse in it’s journey to Early Access. We look forward to working with the Early Access to make Blockpocalypse the best game that it can be.