Late as usual, but June has been interesting at Dime. Much of it was spent wrapping up the financial year, and planning for the next one. It’s been a great learning experience, with Dan being thrown in the deep end of “the business” side of the company, and Nial pumping out code base for various projects we juggle.

So it’s probably time for some updates. Blurg is progressing; slowly, but progressing none the less. We’re excited to be working with the amazing Sun-Studios again to extend our Blurg animated trailer with the scenes we had to cut for the teaser. We’ve got a fantastic student project that’s been in development for about 5 months now, and is exceeding all our expectations. And we’ve finally brought Tasty Fish to Windows Phones, making our debut available for FREE across Windows Phone, iPhone and Android

Basically, we’ve been juggling like crazy, but that’s nothing new at Dime. We’re always biting off more than we can chew, and while we’re very likely to drop some of what we try to juggle, the experience and pressure is invaluable. And as long as we can stay afloat, we can only get better at treading the water.